Living Memory Art

Research shows  that during a house fire people usually try and save their photos third after the people and pets, we know that photos are a portal to memory and those sacred memories  give our life meaning. The Living Memory Project takes this further, we not only want to capture the memory in pictures but we want to capture that moment in time. I mentioned the inspiration for this project was my spouse who recorded my farther a couple of years before he passed, when I look at the photos of our cross country trip now I can combine them with his authentic voice, this captures a moment in time that does not have to pass.

How it Works 

Every piece of Living Memory Art sold will be completely unique to you, no one can reproduce this gift or replicate the meaning and memory it will create. Together we will create something amazing, basically you send me a digital image of the photo you want to use, most people choose portraits but it can be any picture you find meaningful. We then set up an appointment for me to call  and record our audio file for the picture, I can spend up to one hour with you helping you make an amazing testimony.

After the call I do edits, perhaps do a background music mix etc, once thats done I have your picture professionally printed onto  canvas with a small unique QR code in the bottom corner that links to your audio file. A bar code scanner app available for free on any cell phone can scan and play back the audio. This has been popular for couples creating anniversary and birthday gifts, for grandparents making a recording for the kids etc. We can even do some edits of audio that already exists if this is what you prefer, I did a wedding photo with the audio of the vows attached. All audio is kept on our secure servers. Purchase Now, 2 sizes available. (other sizes maybe available upon request)

Living Memory Art

Once you purchase I will be in touch to get the process moving forward.


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Sample Portraits