About Us

In 2008 me and my spouse decided to take some time of to travel across Canada with my parents, we drove from Ontario to Vancouver seeing as many awe inspiring landscapes as possible putting over 12,000 km's on the car. We really could not afford it at the time but I have no regrets as my farther passed away a couple of years later. We don't know how much time we have in this world and the most valuable sacred thing we own are our memories, about a year ago I found some audio interviews on my hard drive that my spouse Sylvia recorded with my farther on the trip. I had no idea Sylvia did this so it was quite a surprise and very moving for me, that moment was captured in time evoking such good energy in me.   This is what inspired my Living Memory Art idea, what if the moment does not have to pass. It is one thing to capture a photo but quite another to hear someones authentic voice, a peaceful intimate moment can be preserved.



Memory Portal’s inspiration

Sacred Landscape Retreats

We also provide Sacred Landscape Retreats  where you can reconnect with the natural landscape and rejuvenate, we will take care of everything including workshops, excursions and nature walks.


Public Memory Installations

We will donate days or weeks depending on the scale of the project, we come out and do field work in capturing the voices  that make a place unique thereby preserving the sense of place and its rich histories.


Customer Feedback

I wanted to do something special for our first year anniversary and then I found this website, I sent over the audio of our wedding vows and Stuart mixed them with some of my thoughts about our first year and then putting this a picture I picked out. It was the perfect gift that captured how I felt.

Steve Vancouver, BC

I had a really great experience working with Stuart on this, my mom cried when she opened the portrait and was able to playback the audio of me and my two sisters giving gratitude for all she has done for us. It was moving.

Susan Toronto, Ont

I was super impressed with the whole experience, Stuart called me up and gave me allot of one on one attention in helping me form my message. He then did the edits and put together a wonderful art piece I presented to my spouse for his birthday, he was really moved !

Dawn San Francisco, CA